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A Warm Glow Of Sweetness || Salted Caramel Returns

Author: Claire Denman | 28 Jun 2023

Imagine a moment of pure indulgence, where the tantalising scent of salted caramel envelops your senses, creating a blissful ambiance in your home. It's time we reintroduce you to our best-selling limited edition fragrance 'Salted Caramel'. A captivating blend of sea salt, hazelnut, caramel, coconut, tonka bean, and vanilla.

Our Limited Edition Salted Caramel Candle $44.95 is the epitome of warmth and sweetness, designed to create an inviting atmosphere in any room. Handcrafted with care, this soy wax candle provides a clean and even burn, allowing the delightful fragrance to permeate your space. Hand poured in our iconic faceted glassware, the candle exudes a cosy and sophisticated vibe. With a burn time up to 80 hours for countless moments of bliss. 

For a continuous infusion of our irresistible Salted Caramel fragrance, our Limited Edition Salted Caramel Large Diffuser $49.95 is the perfect choice. The sleek and stylish design complements any décor, while the reeds, soaked in the Salted Caramel scented oil, effortlessly release the delectable aroma into the air. The diffuser's long-lasting fragrance ensures that your space is enveloped in a sweet, comforting embrace.

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