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Fragrance Routine | Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Author: Claire Denman | 04 Jun 2021

There’s nothing worse than spritzing yourself with your favourite perfume in the AM and realising come early afternoon you can no longer find a trace of your cherished scent.  

Believe it or not, there is an art to fragrance layering to ensure that your perfume lasts well throughout the day. The good news, it’s easier than you think. 

I am a firm believer in a fragrance routine. Do not fret! I know what you’re thinking, you already have a hair routine; a morning routine and you finally nailed your skincare routine during lockdown. However, a fragrance routine can easily slip into any routine you’re already practising. 

Firstly, where all good routines should start, the shower. Opting for a fragrant body wash is key. Bonus points if it matches your perfume! I am currently using the Peppermint Grove Patchouli Hand & Body Wash. This fragrance is perfect for Winter. It features beautiful floral notes such as gardenia and jasmine as well warmer notes such as vetiver and patchouli. This makes for one cosy scent! 

After I lather and rinse, I pat myself dry, still, leaving a little bit of moisture on my skin. This is where I double down on fragrance and moisturise using the Patchouli & Bergamot Hand & Body Cream. Not only does this cream smell incredible, but it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. This step is crucial as hydrated skin holds fragrance for much longer.   

Lastly, I use my Patchouli & Bergamot Eau de Parfum. When spraying perfume be sure to always target your pulse points, such as wrists and neck [bonus tip: Do not rub your wrists together, this will bruise the fragrance].

Make sure you give your fragrances a cool, dry home. Do not keep your perfumes in the bathroom, too much heat and moisture can cause scents to break down. 

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