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How To: Table-scaping

Author: Claire Denman | 30 Apr 2021

Last year truly highlighted the importance of getting together with family and friends. We already know that food brings people together. Bonding with loved ones over a charcuterie board, light bubbles and flowing conversation is one of the purest joys.

 It seems that with all the time spent at home last year, one of the creature comforts that was most missed was dining out. Enter table-scaping.

 If you’re not familiar with the term that took Instagram by storm during the various lockdowns do not fear. We’ve got you!

Table-scaping is arranging a table to a theme or mood [yes, it’s a fancy way of saying ‘setting the table’].

Whilst there are no rules for setting a table [honestly, let your creativity run wild!] I’ve found a couple of styling tips that will take your table-scaping game to the next level.

Firstly, it’s important to have at least one good set of plates. My favourite at the moment is from Royal Doulton. They are relatively plain, with a delicate sage detailing around the rim. The simplicity of these plates allow me to pair other colours and textures effortlessly, and compliment florals and greenery.

Choosing flowers is one of my favourites parts of setting a table. I always try to keep it seasonal [this is also the best way to extend the life of your flowers]. In Summer I tend to lean towards colourful gerberas and sunflowers. In Winter I will opt for dried flowers, natives or cotton. This theme also tends to reflect my décor. I love mixing bright and colourful flowers with either clear or coloured vases.

Height is another key component when it comes to styling. Elevating some of your décor ie: vases, candles or a table piece will add a luxe look to your table. However, keep it functional, ensure your features are not positioned where they could create difficulty in communicating with your guests. Make sure nothing is directly in front of your guests or at eye level.

Lastly, get creative, experiment with table-scaping and enjoy opening your home again to family and friends.

Happy hosting!

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