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Meet Hannah

Author: Claire Denman | 22 Feb 2021

Introducing Hannah. Hannah is our beloved Co-founder, Creative Director and all round’ #GirlBoss.


How did your love affair with fragrance begin?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had an insatiable obsession with fragrance. Growing up, I was a bit of tomboy, I spent much of my time playing in the garden. I think this is where my love of fragrance began. I have fond memories as a child of smelling ‘Estee Lauder - White Linen’ on my Grandmother. If Gran was around, the house would smell of green florals, citrus and freshly ironed sheets. Now days, I love that whenever I catch a hint of that fragrance it reminds me of her and takes me back to my childhood.


Why is fragrance important to you?

Fragrance has a superpower, it's the power to transport the mind to a time, place or person. The association between scent and memories is truly what I find the most exciting about fragrance. The link between scent and emotions is also a part of what drives my fragrance obsession. Fragrance is definitely a reflection of someone’s mood and a really unique form of self-expression.


What are your favourite fragrances?

I try not to play favourites! Honestly, it depends. Things that I consider when choosing a fragrance are; the time of day, the room, the season, and my own personal mood. For Winter, I can’t go past our ‘Peppermint Grove - Burnt Fig & Pear Soy Candle ($44.95)’. It’s such a cosy, warm, and delicious scent. During the Summer, I opt for something a little more refreshing such as our ‘Peppermint Grove Fresh Sage & Cedar Soy Candle ($44.95)’. 

How does fragrance add to your home?

Fragrance plays a huge role in my home; I always match the fragrance of the candle or diffuser to the use of the space. The flickering of light and the ritual of lighting a Peppermint Grove candle is definitely a form of self-care for me. This is why I always have candles burning in my living room as it is where I like to rest and relax. In my home office however, I always have a diffuser on my desk, so I am invigorated and motivated from the moment I walk in the room.


What is your creative process for new products/fragrance combos?

I’m always traveling [or I was pre COVID-19!]. I draw a lot of inspiration from walking and exploring. I am always reviewing our collections to see what we can add to it whether that be more fragrances or additional product lines. I always ensure that we have a balance of fruity, floral, oriental, fresh, gourmand and woody fragrances. It’s Important that we have something for everyone. Once we’ve developed a fragrance we then look at packing and trending colours and patterns. 


Aside from home fragrance, what are your other must-have home styling pieces?

Good cushions, statement vases with fresh flowers [always!], and coffee table books!


What fragrance would you recommend for someone who is hard to shop for?

The best option is a subtle, non-polarising fragrance – not too sweet and not too woody! Fragrance is so personal, and people know what they like. What you love is not necessarily what your friend will love. For that reason, we have a number of universal fragrances that are perfect as gifts - Peppermint Groves ‘Freesia and Berries’, Mews Collectives ‘Camellia and White Lotus’ or Moss St. ‘Sandalwood & Sea Salt’ are perfect for gifting. [We’re always here to help and point you in the right direction, email us at or drop us a DM for a more personalised recommendation!].


How do you unwind?

Definitely with a good book! My gorgeous mum is a Teacher Librarian, so reading has always been an important part of my life. It started with her reading to me as a young child and I’ve continued this into adulthood (however I now read by myself and rarely sans a glass of red wine in hand (a Pinot is my go-to!).


What is your favourite cocktail?

I can’t go past a Martini with an olive or two!


Favourite Spots in Sydney?

I just love Oxford Street, (there’s so much energy!), 5 Ways in Paddington [great food and shops!] and a quiet harbour beach.


Favourite Book/s?

I adore anything by Jodi Picoult. I’m a sucker for romance and easy reading.


Podcasts you’re currently listening to. 

‘Seize the Yay’ by the beautiful Sarah Holloway. She is so fantastic to listen to. She just breeds positivity. Also loving ‘Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham’ & ‘The Mentor with Mark Bouris’.


Music you are currently listening to.

I can’t go past the classics! I can definitely get around an 80s/90s Spotify playlist. The girls in the office will also tell you that I am an absolute Musical Theatre geek.


What are you currently watching?

Louie Theroux Documentaries! I have a slightly strange obsession with human interest pieces.

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