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Meet │ Nic of hausandvogue

Author: Claire Denman | 12 Aug 2021

If you [like us!] are obsessed with home accounts on Instagram, then you already know @hausandvogue. Nic of @hausandvogue effortlessly styles her dreamy regional home in Victoria. Her creative eye for mixing and matching natural textures with neutral tones is what makes her such a stand out in the online styling world. We recently had a chat with Nic to learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to making a house a home. 

How did your love for homewares and interior styling eventuate?

I've always enjoyed styling and interiors but it never really started until I purchased my first home. Now we are onto our third and my love for it definitely keeps on growing.

How would you describe your interior style?

My interior style would have to be a mix of everything, but I'd say very calming surrounded by elements of nature, neutrals and natural textures, with a mix of old and new. 

You've recently renovated your house, what was the process? 

My partner and I bought a house sight unseen due to the pandemic. As we are from Melbourne and this place was in regional Victoria. It was a real shock to the system when we saw it in real life. There were many surprises that have now been fixed. I wrote a checklist of everything we wanted to do and set a budget before we started, then just ticked everything off as it all got tackled. We have done most of the work ourselves and have restored a lot of the home rather than replace. We also called in on the plumber, electrician, floor sanders and plasterers where needed, it has been full on! Definitely our biggest renovation to date. Luckily it's been all aesthetic and non-structural though. 

What did you enjoy most about renovating? 

Seeing the transformation from what it was to what it is now it's a really great sense of achievement [wow, we did that!]. Of course furnishing and styling is also so enjoyable - this is something I am still doing. 

What are 3 styling or home decor pieces that you couldn’t live without? 

  1. Peppermint Grove Candles and Diffusers ($44.95). That's a non-negotiable - Ha!
  2. My coffee table books for styling and inspiration & reading purposes
  3. Plants and foraged greenery

     What kind of role does fragrance play in your home? 

    Fragrance plays a huge role in my home. No space is complete without it. I always have a candle burning, not only does it make home smell beautiful - but it has the ability to create a sense of calm and a cosy, welcoming, relaxed feel which is so important to me and what I love most about it.

    What is your current favourite fragrance from Burchgrove Home? 

    I'm a sucker for Burnt Fig & Pear, although I'm currently burning Burnt Fig & Pear which has fast become a new favourite of mine.


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